Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Toy

My new Genie Portable Sewing Machine Pro Mini !! This little baby is gonna keep my marital life running smoothly!! I have two full size sewing machines, but our solar power system isn't up to running either one of them for very long! So if I want to use one, we need to run our gas generator. But then as I'm sewing away, my loving husband will remind me that it's costing me $3 a gallon to do my sewing!! LOL This little baby came with an AC/DC adapter...and only uses one amp of power! It also runs on 4 AA batteries! I was expecting something much flimsier...junky, but it's very well made with stainless steel parts...very smooth!!
It's tiny size means I can pack it right in with my knitting stuff when I travel! It's so cute!! Look, my handcarders are bigger than it is!! These normally go for $50, but I bid on ebay and got it for $19.50 and free shipping!!

So my honey won't be mad at me for draining our power system....or using up all the generator gas......or for having too much stuff packed when we hit the road!! Well....not over my sewing machine anyway !! LOL


Lupie said...

What a great little sewing machine!
I can't wait to see what you will make on it.

Twilight said...

What a score! I think that will work well for you.