Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Socks n Things

Happy 4-20 to all of my goofy, pot smoking stoner friends!! I know this is your favorite holiday!! LOL Hope no one falls down and hurts themselves!!

These gorgeous socks are for my sister Olivia! These are another rendition of the Wavey Lace socks....done as an anklet! The yarn is from Knitpicks. I really like their sock yarns, and you can't beat their prices!! I had to do a test run of course!!
Here are the matching armwarmers to go with my hoody vest sweater, they came out great too. The cable pattern for these came from Evelyn....the pattern on Ravelry. I made the long ones, and they come up to just below the elbow.

These are shorty hand warmers...done in a sport weight wool. These are going towards my Taos Wool Festival stash of stuff! Getting a headstart is always good!

Merce's hoping for me to start producing some more radical stuff.....so we'll see what the next ones look like! She's right though, my crazy insane armwarmers were the most popular.

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Twilight said...

Ohhh-those armwarmers are lovely.