Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Della's LYS

Now that Twilight got her gift from my travels to Richmond, VA, it's safe to put up this post!! I'll have pics of her with her gift here shortly! The Yarn Lounge!! This was right around the corner from where Della lives, how awesome would that be?? To live so close?! I would never keep a dollar in my wallet!!

The owner of the shop goes to the Taos Wool Festival every year!! How cool is that?

This is the basket of local goodies that I picked from for Twi's gift. The owner of the store has parents with a sheep farm...so this is very local yarn indeed!! She spins it herself.
Della and Noralee!! Very supportive yarn shoppers!

When I saw this, I thought of Twilight and almost cried!! She knows why! Isn't it cool?? It was a wonderful yarn shop adventure! I also got a new knitting mag. for the plane ride!!


Twilight said...

I love the knit penguin! It's like I was there in spirit. xoxo

That yarn shop looks lovely. And I love the yarn!

Lupie said...

Such a great trip and a beautiful yarn store!