Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Placemat Fever!

Okay!! Lupus Update: Cellcept treatment: phase one complete! Tonight I start taking a second pill at night (I've been taking 1 in the am)...then in 5 days, I'll take 3 pills a day, and then in 5 more days after that, I'll be up to 4 pills a day (full dose)
So far, so good! I haven't noticed too much of anything except an upset tummy. I have to take the pills on an empty stomache which seems ok. I only run into issues if I try eating too early, then the food just doesn't stay down. That used to happen sometimes with the chemo too, so no biggy. It's just an adjustment to get used to.

So onto to more important things!! Placemats!! I love having a table! Have I mentioned that??
Here's the latest one I finished! I think I'm going to do a set of peace signs next!!

My biggest trouble this summer is the joint pain in my fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Sewing with a needle and thread is very difficult, and I can only manage it for short times. Using a scissors for anymore than snipping a strand of yarn is extremely this needle felting is the easiest for me to do right now. And knitting is still going well!!

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Lupie said...

Hang in there with your new meds.
The placemats are awesome!