Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mary's 40th B-Day Party

There is a group of my husband's best childhood friends that all live out East in Maryland and Virginia. Now I had met Jack before once, but Mary and Della I had only gotten to know online through Facebook, and made friends with them quickly since they are all my kind of cool people!
So here is the crazy story! Mary and Della both turned 40 this year! As a big surprise for Mary's party, Jack bought us plane tickets and paid for us to show up and give everyone a major surprise!! I couldn't blog about it ahead of time because it might have blown the surprise, so my next few blog posts will be about our vacation trip out East! This is Mary! We partied all night and did the gift opening in the morning! So we all look pretty darn rough after staying up late talking, laughing, and carrying on.

Here are Jack and I playing with Mary's new gifts!

Here is Mary and Della, with Della's husband Jason in the background with his camera!

The girl playing the guitar is Annabelle, Mary's daughter, age 17. The little one is Noralee, Della's daughter, age 5? A very musical talented family and group!!

Day 2 of the weekend birthday bash was a pool party! The tempature there was 100 degrees with extreme humidity. I didn't actually mind it, but Daniel thought it was pretty rough!

Daniel and Noralee playing in the water. In the back are Jason and Chip(Mary's Husband)

These two were the two biggest pranksters in the water!! Afterwards, we had a BBQ with lots of grilled yummies and a huge bonfire in Mary and Chip's backyard.

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Lupie said...

There is nothing like time with friend and family. The pool doesn't hurt, well it can hurt us lupies.