Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Hats

I still can't believe the overwhelming positive feedback I've gotten over my Lock Nest Hat, here on the blog, and on facebook, and in person!! So the vote was that I should make some for the Wool Festival this year. Well, it's a bit late in the game to be adding in new ideas...with one month to go...but hell, I love a challenge!!! Here are two more finished! And I have 3 more ready to be felted and enough yarn to knit up two more before show time! I was spending the afternoon with my lovely friend Polli...who is ga ga over the hats, so she graciously modeled them for me!!

It's a little hard to see, but I used a varigated mohair boucle in the stripes of this one. You can see the purple shiny spots. It gave it a yummy texture!!

This one is different because I used an acrylic based yarn in the alternating stripes of pure wool and it had a very cool effect!!

I like the effect of striping with solids and varigated colors.

Because I started and ended with the acrylic yarn, it did the neat little roll at the front and back. This was Polli's favorite one, and since it didn't technically count as pure wool for the festival....I let her have it. It looked just too good on her! I've learned alot in just 3 hats....I have some more ideas I'd like to try.

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