Friday, September 17, 2010

New Meditation Mat

This meditation mat is made from a hand felted frame and then filled in with recycled sweater pieces. The original piece was done by Merce with silk inlays as a glass window type piece. She gave me two of them and I had them hanging on my studio walls and sadly I couldn't get them to work for my windows! So I needed to do something cool with them! I love the natural wools she used and I just happened to have sweaters with beautiful natural earthy colors to go with it!
There is a middle layer of recycled sweater too for extra padding and then a nice sturdy material backing. I threw in a few center stitches randomly for a quilted effect! This is awesome for meditation, prayers, and sitting yoga poses and stretches!! The wool will give protection from the cold floor all winter long!

All hand stitched with love!!

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