Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. Flare

So Lupus strikes again! This is a good time to give a health update. I made the switch to the Cellcept over a 3 week period, and I've been on the full dose for a couple of weeks now. No more Immuran, but still taking 20mg of Prednisone a day, and 400mg of Plaquenil....with the other various vitamins and what not.

The Cellcept has caused some major depression moments and some very angry mood swings! Like throwing things type mood swings!! But Twilight helped me figure out that this was being caused by the medicine and I've been able to keep mental control of myself and my emotions, so it's okay right now. Cellcept has also caused extreme insomnia, but Big D and I have been playing around with med schedules...and I think we've come up with one that lets me sleep at night. Cellcept has also caused diarrhea and vomiting...but it's way better than being constipated, and again, tweeking the schedule of meds and sleep and eating have cut down on the vomiting! I weighed in at 144 pounds yesterday and I'm excited!! My BMI is back to 23! I have now lost the 20 pounds I gained after first starting Lupus treatment!! Woot woot!!

So the flare....Started Friday Sept. 10th. I started with tired and weakness on Friday. A low grade fever through Saturday, and Sunday I woke up covered in bruises and a bloody nose, and mentral blood pooring out of me even though my period had just ended. D and I argued about going to the hospital, and I won. My take on it was that all they'd do at the hospital is pump me full of fluids and steriods and put me on absolute bed rest. And in my view, it's much more pleasant to do that at home where it's free. So that's what I did. 70mg of Prednisone, and fluids and bed rest for a few days. The bleeding stopped, the fever went away, and I'm feeling good again now.

So wait till you see the next few posts!! In bed, I knit like an insane woman and I got lots done!!!

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