Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Fun Rug

I glimpsed this idea in a book somewhere long ago. It was a pattern for using up scrap yarn I think. So I apologize to the creative person who came up with this spirit I'm giving you credit even though I don't know who you are!!! Thanks!!

This is basically one long strip of stockingnet, about 18 sts. wide on size 7US needle. Although I worked in smaller lengths, more portable, and sewed them together later. It's wrapped around a one inch thick cotton cord and seamed up, then coiled and sewn together. It's fat and luscious! The colored parts are scrap yarn left over from various projects, and the gray is ripped recycled yarn from an old sweater.

This rug is the best! It has become well loved in appearance. I use it as a meditation mat, and sit on it when I'm going to spend a couple hours in front of my book cases searching old magazines for patterns that I've promised to make. Last fall, I threw it into the back of my friends open pickup bed when we went riding in the country to enjoy the scenery!! I have another bag of leftovers started so I can make another one someday!!


Lupie said...

Love this rug but not sure where I would get a thick cotton cord.

lunaticraft said...

What an awesome idea! I may have to bookmark this one.