Friday, October 9, 2009

Taos Wool Festival 2009 - the contests

One of the exciting parts of the Wool Fest is the collection of contests. I entered into the "Bag/Container" competition. I decided to enter my green and purple entralac bag because people gave me really positive feedback on it, and it's the one bag that I planned on still using. I didn't really want to sell it. The competition is fierce!! The judging is pretty intense too. They are very thorough and give plenty of positive constructive criticism, which is nice to get from crafters who really know their stuff!! I won Second Place and got a red ribbon!!!

Twilight entered two contests. She entered her Fisherman Shrug that she knit from her own handspun New Mexican wool. She won Third place and recieved a white ribbon!!! She also entered two skeins of her handspun yarn into the spinners contest. They had three categories?? I think. She didn't win, but she got amazingly good feedback and was still thrilled to have entered yarn for the very first time!

Merce had a heck of a time!! She was trying to enter the contest early in the morning, but everytime she grabbed a skein to enter.....someone bought it out of her hands!! LOL But she did finally get one entered!! And it won the Grand Prize in the "Novelty Yarns" contest. She got a giant purple ribbon!!! She also entered one of her pieces into the "Wall Art" contest, and she won First Prize and a beautiful blue ribbon!!!


Lupie said...

It looks like you all had a great time and won many events.
Your bag should have won first prize! It is amazing and you should enter the pattern into Knitty. I think they would publish it. You could also try selling it on Ravelry.

Twilight said...

I'm still so excited for all of us.

FYI-Merce's yarn won Grand Champion and first place (blue) ribbons. Her art piece won third place-white ribbon like mine.

You know how I'm an editor! ;)