Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taos Wool Festival 2009 - the people

I haven't mentioned some of the coolest parts of the Fest which are the live music, the goat cheese stand, the lamb kabobs, the gyros and the almond stand that sells roasted almonds coated in toffee and cinnamon and sugar. The smell of them wafts through the entire grounds and you can't help but get a little paper bag full of the warm nuts!!! And then there are the 30 booths filled with vendors selling raw wool, yummy rovings, and delicious yarns!! But of course the very best is all of the people!! Now I didn't get pics of all of my good friends that came to visit the fest and my booth.....Jezz, Amber, Whitney, Liz, Gayle, Jan, Jesse, JB and numerous others.....but I did get pics of our local Ravelry group and our local knitting/spinning group!!!

This is what our good yarn husbands look like at the end of the long Fest weekend!! Both dressed in their beautiful handknit cabled sweaters.......and Thebes in his handknit kilt hose. These guys rock!!!

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lunaticraft said...

The whole festival looks like such a good time! Congrats on your entrelac bag winning a prize! You certianly deserved it. That bag is beautiful!