Monday, October 12, 2009

New Members of the Stash

The last thing to mention about WF weekend is the great shopping! Needless to say, I ate from every food booth, and I purchased some of my favorite goat cheese. But then I shopped!!!

I bought two new fleeces....7 pounds plus. I bought a 3 plus pound black fleece and a 4 plus pound gray fleece. The gray one came from a beautiful sheep named Studmuffin. I couldn't resist.
Then the yarn. Yummy new members of the stash!! These yarns are all New Mexico Wool and Alpaca and Mohair blends. Most of these will go into next year's merchandise, but I did buy two skeins of delicious Alpaca Lace Weight in beautiful earthy browns for a special treat just for me!
(pictured left of the purple and above the orange)

I just sent this whole batch home with Twilight. She's going to make these skeins into cute little yarn cakes for me with her swift and ball winder. In trade?? Cookies. I made her one batch of peanut butter/choc. chip cookies for when she picked up the yarn, and she'll get another batch of some other kind upon completion of the yarn!! It's not just that she doesn't bake, and I don't have a ball winder....she knows how much motherly/sisterly love I put into my cookies!


lunaticraft said...

That's a whole lot of beautiful yarn, right there.

Lupie said...

I wish I knew how to spin!