Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Blanket of White

Ok, this is funny. We live in a Yurt, and it has a domed sky light on top, in the center, that can be opened and closed with a very long pole. We sleep in the center of the yurt on our king sized bed. So last night Daniel opened the sky dome inorder to keep down the smoke from the woodstove, but he forgot to close it again. This morning I woke up early....and realized that we were covered in a blanket of white! Yes, snow. Huge white flakes were falling down on us through the open dome. It was too early to cope, so I pushed myself further down under the covers, figuring I'd deal with it later. The comforter is still drying!! And this was the view from my front door this morning!!


Laura said...

So is the your idea of enticing us into the idea of yurt living? ;)

It's beautiful~ and I hope your comforter has dried out by tonight!

Lupie said...

You should have taken a picture to go with this great story! I hear we will get a lot of snow this year. I have a love hate relationship snow.