Sunday, May 24, 2009

Acceptance Letter!

I'm celebrating! And freaking out! I applied to the 2009 Taos Wool Festival.....and the entries were juried. So I had my doubts on whether or not I'd be chosen. But I got my acceptance letter yesterday!! So now, I'm excited and freaking out about what I have to make before October!! I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Twilight for helping me get in!! This wool festival is a very big deal in our area, and I've dreamed for the past few years of being apart of the hub-bub. Now here I go!! So, here's the first project I'm starting for the show. I'm going to do my first pair of full gloves, taken from the 2008/2009 Winter issue of Vogue....but add my own crazy gauntlet using Merce's handspun yarn. The hands will be done Knit Picks Gloss sock weight yarn. I'm starting today!! Cuz now I'm totally overwhelmed at what I've gotten myself into!!! LOL

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Twilight said...

Congrats on getting in! But I knew you would. After they saw pictures of your work how could they not accept you?! You're a wonderful knitter!