Friday, May 15, 2009

Woo-Woo for Twilight

I finished this during the art show, and presented it to Twilight at the end of the show. It was her housewarming present, a little early. It's a meditation mat. The top piece is hand cast felt done by Merce. It's one of her crop circle/sacred geometry pieces. I took the top piece and added a knitted then fulled underlay in torquoise. For even more padding, I used old sweaters through the middle. Then I added fringe, because Twilight loves fringe.

A close up view. It turned out to be a pretty well padded and heavy rug. I knew while I was putting it together that she'd be sharing it with her cat Prana, and I was right. I'm hoping she'll take a picture of the two together!! My goal was to support and encourage Twilight in her mediation/yoga pursuits on the path to over-all well being. We refer to it as "woo-woo". It's become one of our favorite words because it can be used as a verb, or noun, or adjective!!!
The backing is a heavy duty upholstery material.


Twilight said...

I love it so much! And Prana does too. I'll post a pic of him on it soon.

Lupie said...

So beautiful but I could never stand on something so awesome. I would have to hang it on the wall!