Thursday, May 7, 2009

Knitting Progress

I used two new yarns. I tried out the new Red Heart sock yarn with aloe, it was priced at $4.99 a ball and it was 25% off, so I couldn't resist. I'm going to give it a great review. I like the feel, very durable and pretty soft. Great for Men's items I think. The colorway was really nice!! These knucks are for my friend and neighbor Gypsy. (Merce's Husband)

The other new yarn is Panda Silk from Cyrstal Palace Yarns, and oh my!! I love it's color, it's incredible sheen, and wonderful softness. I used this for the Mother's Day socks, and you can tell by holding the sock that the drape of this yarn is awesome!! I can't wait to buy more to try another lace scarf.

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Lupie said...

All the projects look great. I love the colorway of the mitts!