Monday, May 25, 2009

Art Update....

So here's the progress report!! I've begun adding my content! The piece as been officially titled : Mother/Daughter - A Family Portrait. I'm really happy with how it's working itself out! I'd love to be able to talk about how the therapy is working exactly, but I can't here, yet. I'll admit though that I've wept over this piece, and had moments of complete detatchment. And I can say definately that it is working. As I stitch, braid, and weave, I can feel parts of me mending. What began as a work of lashing back, and possibly even spite...has turned into a labor of love, and a continued struggle to understand addiction and mental illness.
I started beading my web....still have a long way to go. I have to coordinate my work time around my meds everyday, or I find that I'm far too shakey to work with the tiny beads and needles. I have to wait until things steady out.

I began building my frame this week. Mostly I've been working on miles and miles of knit I-cord, crocheted ribbon, cut strips of material.....and knit flowers. This is just a small pile of bits I have ready. The rest of them are in progress strewn all about the yurt and studio!!


Lupie said...

You are an amazing artist!

Anonymous said...

Heal, baby, heal.