Monday, May 18, 2009

New Car Project

Another pair of socks!! These are for Daniel, and the pattern is "Undulating Rib Socks" from Favorite Socks book by Interweave Knits. Ever since I made a pair of these for Daniel a couple of years ago, and he said they were the best fitting and most comfortable socks that I'd ever made....I can't bring myself to try a new pattern for him!! But I have the entire sock pattern memorized and it's very enjoyable, so it's perfect for a car project!! The yarn is Austermann's "Step" with Aloe Vera. I'm loving the color way. I'm drawn to these striped sock yarns that don't have solid colored stripes.

Lupus Update about two weeks ago, I started having some eye trouble. I woke up and put on my glasses, but still couldn't see right. I had the sensation that I had one contact in and one out. My right eye didn't want to come into focus, as if there was sleep covering my eye that wouldn't rub away. It also affected my color sense, the warm colors all seemed to be cool. It improved within ten minutes, but the color thing lasted all day. The next day was better, but it's continued to bug me off and on. My right eye just isn't focusing all the time. And it comes with a headache around my right eye. Anyway, Twilight and I researched this and found that it's pretty common with people who have Sjogren's Syndrome. And it's treated with eyedrops, so I'll mention it when I see my Rhuemy in two weeks. But, bleh!! Another medication to pay for! Did I miss the National Feel Sorry for Yourself Day?? I really meant to take advantage of that this year!! LOL

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Lupie said...

Plaquenil can also affect the eyes.
Hope things are better.