Monday, May 4, 2009

New Art

Progress is still being made! I'm having another exhausted day. I'm too tired to lift my arms again, but I'm pressing through!! I've been on my bed surrounded by all my favorite things, just seeing what happens. I've been planning a large piece that I got the "canvas" made for. I'm already calling it my "Mother-Daughter" piece. Both my Mother and my oldest daughter, suffer from mental illness and drug addiction, and creating this next piece is apart of my therapy for healing and coping with these two outta control women who are missing from my life. This is an old wool cabled sweater that I washed until it was 75% felted and then I cut it into pieces. This is the front and back of the sweater joined in the middle by the bottom ribbing.

Even though I've already put in two months of planning, I have yet to begin because of it's overwhelming emotional content. So I took a little side line break to make something that's just pretty and fun. After I got the back ground made, it just called for a fairy.

I used new needle methods that I hadn't tried. I did most of the fairy with a single fine felting needle. I have a bag of novelty yarns that I never use, but have just in case. So I broke out some of that to play with.

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Lupie said...

Your work is so beautiful! You have been blessed with an amazing gift.