Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today is my one year Anniversary of living with lupus, not my blog, but the disease. Although, we're sure I've had it much longer, it was a year ago today that I was first hospitalized and knew that we had a big problem to deal with. It was a scary strange day, and it's seems like sooooo long ago now with the past year of doctors, and tests, and medications, and lifestyle changes. I've been on my low dose of chemo and steriods for 11 months now. Alot of my hair fell out, then grew back (kinda). I gained weight, and poofed out. I had to change my wardrobe. I changed my lifestyle. It's been a year full of studying and learning and coping.

I have to give special thanks to my awesome friends and husband. The support, the laughs, the tears, the comfort, the flexibility, and all the love!!! I couldn't have done it without you!! Twilight, my sister and bestfriend, you rock!! Carmen, thanks for reaching out to me!! It's meant alot to have a Lupie Friend!!! Helen, always on the search for higher healing, I love you. Thank you Sarah, for sharing with me. Misery is less with company!!
Daniel, my lover, my rock, my caregiver and ass-kicker!! Would have burned down the house by now without you!!!!

Here's to the next year with Lupus!! May it be a peaceful and uneventful one!! To Life!!


Twilight said...

I am blessed to have you in my life. Love you!

Lupie said...

OK so you made me cry!
Lupus sucks but I find we are better for it.
We are strong, creative, inspiring,
supportive lupie women.
So there Lupus you can't keep us down! We just get better!!!!!