Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BTF 2011: Hanging Day

So here we are again. Another fabulous year for Beyond the Fringe (BTF). Hanging day was March 24th, the day before the show opened. It's not common for an entire show to be hung in one day, but Merce and crew always pull it off in one long exhausting stint. It begins with tables, dropcloths, tapemeasures, power tools, spackle, ladders and things being moved in and around at a hurry.
Above are Jana, Linda, and Gail.
Here is Jana again. This was my first year at being involved in the hanging process. I had to be there because of my installation piece, and so did Twilight for hers, so we worked as a team and wow did I learn alot from the experts!! These ladies really know their stuff!!
Here I am, trying to explain to Linda and Merce how the Dancing Nasties were supposed to look once they were hung.
Here's Pearl, Twilight's skeleton piece. Getting this baby hung right was an adventure!! The rest of the time, we were too busy for pictures.
Here's Twi at the end of the day when the drama was finally over. YAY!!
Ha! She's knawing on the bone!! Ha ha!!!

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