Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Dress for the Art Show Opening

I've been saving up material towards this dress for 2 years, and finally it was born!! This yarn was a handspun gift of goodness from Twilight in Dec. of 2009. It was spun from wool roving that she picked up at the 2009 Taos Wool Festival. It was plied with a strand of bronze colored silk that she had gotten from me as a gift in 2008, I think. I immediately started looking for and setting aside materials to match it.
I cut up 4 other old skirts (recycle & reuse!!!) into thin strips of very frayed ribbon yarn. I had to have some help since my arthritis doesn't allow me to use a pair of scissors anymore, and I still haven't gotten myself a rotary cutter. So thank you to my good friends Olivia and Benjamin for donating their efforts!! I love you guys!!
Then the fun began! I knit all this up on size 17 needles, using (loosely) a pattern for a tank top in a wave lace pattern. The matching slip dress underneath is sewn, thanks to my friend Polli who patiently sat and helped me with that part!! xoxo

Thebes, Twilight, Myself, and Daniel.

Here we are at the show's opening reception. The dress was everything I wanted it to be and I got many great compliments! I'm now calling it my Friendship Dress, cuz I couldn't look this good without a little help from my friends!!!

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