Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crazy Girl's Day

Twilight and I got together at our favorite coffee shop, Wired Cafe, for a nice relaxing day of eating snacks, drinking coffee and knitting. We always hold a 'Show and Tell' of sorts, bringing our latest finished projects to show off. Twi just finished her Noro Blossom Sweater, you can see more about it here. Okay, now the fun begins. She was working on a pair of knucks for Thebes, and using her special multi colored woodend DPN's from knickpicks in a size 1. Before we could react, one of the five slipped from her grasp, fell to the floor, and swiftly fell through the cracks in the floor!!! YIKES!!!

Here you can see the nice guy who works behind the coffee counter, coming to see if he can help. He happened to have a small solar powered flash light that we used to locate our prey.

Now for those of you who happen to have a Capricorn for a bestfriend, you probably already know how this story is going to go. I knew immediately that we were going to get the needle back, even though we were on a raised platform, at least 2 and a half feet above the ground. The floor was filthy, and the underground was even worse with dust and junk. We checked to see if the floor boards could be removed or lifted. No dice.

Regardless of the fact she's wearing a brand new hand knit sweater that she just finished 10 minutes before this, she begins desperately crawling around on the dirty floor, moving tables and chairs!! Our host brought over some duct tape and she began make long skinny tools to help us reach the lost needle. Duct tape, other knitting needles, straws, coffee stirrers, paper clips....

After an hour of no success, we were hysterical with laughter at our own obsurdity. We were sweating and dirty and crazed with determination. We had sporadic on lookers. One man came over and asked what we had lost. I told him about the rouge knitting needle and he just shook his head in disbelief. "I thought you'd lost something important" he said. My mouth hung open in mock outrage!! But I knew a non-knitter could never understand.

Then Twilight realizes that the answer is to move the needle (2&1/2 feet underground) across an expanse of about 6 feet, to a larger opening in the floor boards. I had no doubt that's what we were gonna do. I made Twi take off her new sweater. Her face was pressed against the floor, and she was dirty from head to toe.

Here is the larger crack that we were aiming for. So Twilight, with her long string of taped together straws and things, works to nudge the needle repeatedly in that direction. It took awhile, the "tool" kept falling apart, and we lost pieces to the dusty abyss below and had to tape on new extensions. Each foiled attempt made us laugh even harder, several times we had to stop to wipe tears from our eyes.

After our hours of persistance, she got it!!! Ta Daaa!!! Look carefully at her very dirty nose!! I love it. Just more proof, that this girl can do anything she sets out to do!! And she has fun doing it!! It was a reminder of why I admire her so much and love having her for a bestfriend. YAY for girl-power!!!


Twilight said...

I am SO glad you documented this. I'm laughing all over again!

Laura in Taos said...

Great story! Great coverage!

Robin Z said...

So funny! Are those harmony wood needles? All my harmony wood has split except for 1 cable needle... that's 2 straight needles and 2 cable needles. I've had really poor luck with them. :( Super bummer as I think they're beautiful.