Monday, April 25, 2011

Ram Progress

Twi and I got together on 4/20 at the yurt for our annual 4/20 party. Floyd Archuleta was there too! We had hours of really great, productive, art discussion. He got to see the pieces I'd finished so far and really liked where we were going with our ideas. So I gave Twilight what I had, she added it to what she had, and here we go. I just got these pics from her yesterday. They show off her beginning progress of the assembly process.

We're shooting for a "Day of the Dead" meets "New Mexican Cemetary" look for this guy.

So far, I'm in total love with it. She called me last night to say we definately need more squares, stripes and rectangles!! So I put on a movie and went back to knitting and crocheting!!

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