Saturday, April 16, 2011

BTF 2011: The Reception

This year was the best so far, really very wonderful. The public response was overwhelming and so positive. D teased me for days about my ego, saying that my head was so big I could barely get into the car afterwards. And my big head pushing him out of bed at night!! LOL Our outside banner, made by Merce
Here's the whole group!! All of the Fringers!!
The live music we had was awesome, made for the perfect environment!!!
Twi took this pic of me in the back just before the opening, as we were doing out toasts.
Here I am with my youngest daughter, Samantha and her boyfriend Floyd.
The lady working the desk.
The rest are just action pics of random people during the reception.

And of course, Thebes and Daniel outside most of the evening doing Man Talk. xoxo

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