Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Here is a pic of the Isotopes ball field from the parking lot. D and I have been pretty excited about getting into the baseball spirit again. They have the absolute nicest field in the minor league! We watched the episode of The Simpsons that started the Isotopes team here, and we've been watching old baseball movies to get into the proper mindset, Lol. We went early, because they will cater to people with Lupus and other conditions if they can. We got seats entirely in the shade, and possibly the best seats in the house!! We took a jar lid from a El Paso Salsa jar, so we got one ticket free!!

Here is my sweetheart in his new baseball cap, he's just too cute!! We ate really bad food and it was wonderful!! They serve Hebrew National hotdogs!! And we had funnel cake, and hot chocolate too!

The stadium is maintained so well, so clean and in mint condition.

This is from my seat. Right behind the Home Plate. They're prepping the field here. Gotta love a baseball game with a mountain view!

And there are the Isotopes!! We played the Zephyrs and we won!! Excellent experience all the way around. I love the music and atmosphere. Orbit, the mascot, was adorable.

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